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What We Do

“Every successful investor I have ever known was acting continuously on a plan. And every failed investor I’ve ever known was reacting continually to current events.”

Steps That We Take With A New Client:

One of the first and most important steps we take is helping clients separate their assets into those where they want to preserve their principal from those that they are willing to subject to more volatility for potential growth and longer term goals.  Here is a general guideline of those categories:

  • Preservation – money that you may need in 1 to 5 years
  • Balance – money that you may need in 5 to 10 years
  • Appreciation – money that you may not need for 10+ years

What Do We Not Do:

  • We are not market timers
  • We do not claim to be able to predict the direction of the markets and the economy.

The market and the economy are both events well beyond our control. We prefer to control what we can by taking a longer term, buy and hold approach with a portfolio within your risk tolerance levels. We believe that the world’s economies will grow and prosper over time, but do not have the answers as to when or how that will happen.  Once we have discussed your objectives, we would make recommendations with the following beliefs in mind:

Three Main Beliefs:

1. Faith – you must have faith in the future. Investing will never be without its ups and downs. If you do not have some belief that the economy will be better in the future and that world economies will grow and prosper over time, you should not invest in the stock markets.

2. Patience – we are exposed to so much information and so many opinions on a constant basis (via newspapers, magazines, television, email, websites, etc.) that it is very difficult not to overreact to the events of the day. If you have a well-diversified portfolio, there are very few reasons or times that you should change it.

3. Discipline – having the discipline to believe in your plan and your portfolio and not be driven to react to events beyond your control.

Three Practices for Your Portfolio:

1. Asset Allocation – we focus on your allocations among different types of investments as opposed to trying to time the markets or select what will be the “top performing investment” at any given time.

2. Disciplined Diversification – our goal is to help you diversify your portfolio so that you do not have a disproportionate amount in any one investment.  By being diversified, your portfolio will never make a killing and it is hedged to decrease risk.

3. Ongoing Reviews – in an effort to keep you informed of your results, we provide ongoing reports to help track your progress.

  • Monthly Electronic Performance Report – delivered via email.
  • Annual Performance Report and Review – in person review to rebalance the portfolio, if necessary.

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please note that individual situations can vary.  Therefore, the information presented here should only be relied upon when coordinated with individual professional advice.